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Swisspoint Consulting Romania is a professional firm, with headquarters in Timisoara, which carries on business in a flexible way in Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov and Iasi, meeting the needs of the customers already present in Romania or who want to open a new business in Romania.

Having created synergies with professionals from all over the Romanian territory, and with the help of our international consultants, the company is able to offer a high-level 360 degrees advice on financial issues, legal and tax, with direct experience in the field or in the various European legislation, by its correspondents.

The idea of creating a "multidisciplinary" study was born out of the need to provide a concrete, comprehensive and dynamic answer to the growing need expressed by customers, by offering them an integrated broad-spectrum consulting that is able to exploit the synergies in the different professional fields of specialization, and thus optimizing the time, the resources and the quality of service.

We offer our customers: trustees, accountants and real estate professionals, lawyers, business consultants and financial advisors who are able to analyze any type of request in order to offer "turnkey solutions".

Swisspoint Consulting offers the following services:
  • Launching of new businesses and supporting existing ones (economic analysis, business plans, accounting, market strategies and funding).
  • Relocation in Romania.
  • Tax consultancy for businesses and individuals.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Financial investments and support to management.
  • Introductions and commercial exchanges between the customers of the various professional, related offices.

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